Top Book Seller and President Candidate in Honolulu

Top Book Seller and President Candidate in Honolulu

Welcome to hometown of Merry Mercy, an author and aspiring candidate for the Presidency in 2024. From the vibrant city of Honolulu, I offer you a collection of profound books that will ignite your spirit and guide you toward a higher purpose in life.

You are all created by God, God used his own energy to create mankind, and gave mankind the same rights. no one has the right to bully anyone, no one has the right to cheat or steal anyone's money, no one has the right to offend anyone's rights.

If someone violates your personal interests, send that person to prison, give him a righteous lesson, so that they no longer dare to offend anyone. If you get married and the husband treats you well, you stay with him, and if he treats you badly, then you take that person to court and divorce them, you don't have to live with any bad person. Your life is up to you to decide.

On November 18, 2022, I officially sent the impeachment of President Joe Biden and all of his criminal associates to Congress and all 51 states. I have also written to the republican party many times declaring that I am GOD who made this universe and asking for the impeachment of the president and appointment me as President. But they all ignored my orders and my impeachment. Today I will officially bring truth and justice to light for everyone to ponder and build a better kingdom on this earth together.

The vote is in your hands, if you choose me as President, then I will guide you and this country, this world to a good and immortal life. And all those who repent and become good people will go to heaven, and those who willfully oppose God and do many bad deeds, evil deeds, will have to bear all the punishments of God.

God created human beings to do good and useful things, but God did not create human beings to do bad and evil deeds. Humans are born in the image of God, humans have wisdom and understanding, everyone knows what they do is right or wrong? If anyone can do it, that person will enjoy it, if someone doesn't do it and goes to rob, steal, or cheat others, when he dies, he will have to live in the life of an animal and become a servant for the person he is indebted to.

Today I come to bring justice, and integrity in government. Again, the vote is in your hands, and the power to choose who is the next President is yours. I will not oppress anyone, or force anyone to choose me as President. But if you choose me, then I will continue to stay here to help you and guide you to a good life, to lead America and the world to a good, peaceful, prosperous and happy life. And if you choose someone else to be the President, then I will return to my paradise, and I will use the power of my god to transform this world, into a world of good and clean. All evildoers and those who live in sin and wickedness will have to die and go to hell, where they will weep and gnash their teeth for the crimes they have committed against humanity.

You should remember that, whoever you give money to and elect that person to be President, after death, your debt will follow that person. If that person takes your money to do good work, or to help others, then your money has been considered a useful thing, and God will repay you. And if that person uses your money for evils things and personal gain, then after that person dies, that person will go to hell like Adolf Hitler and Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Obama, etc. Then after they go to hell, all the money you gave to support them will not be of any use to you, but on the contrary, you will be punished by God for your sins accomplice to criminals. Because your money giving for the criminals, the evils and bad is terible and you have to pay for your wrongdoing in life.

If you give money for Joe Biden, Please understand that Joe Biden must pay you back in other life. God will not give you back for the money you have been giving for some one else. And If Joe Biden will go to hell, then your money was wasted and couldn't be recovery any more, because you invested in a devil. So bad, so please use your money in a smart and useful way.

In short, what you do and support money to do, which benefits the community and society, it will be paid by God, but if you use the money to support people bad, and do many evil deeds, then when you die, God will count your sins. Justice and sin are two different worlds, so please use your votes and coins wisely and ethically and properly. Don't let criminals and demons deceive you anymore.

Let us strive towards creating a world free from evil and sin, a kingdom of God on Earth, where all beings live in harmony, finding meaning and happiness in the fulfillment of our designated tasks. Prioritizing love and forgiveness, kindness, and justice. Together, we can create a good new kingdom and beautiful world, filled with hope, and promise for generations to come.

With your support, we can build a kingdom of good on Earth, fostering a world free from evil and sin where love, forgiveness, kindness, and justice thrive. I want to help people escape the life of sin and fraud and come back to heaven life. If you have any questions, please contact me directly and join me in shaping a new and beautiful world by contacting [email protected], and together, let's embrace positive change and create a brighter future for all.

My book is valuable more than 5 years in the university, and no one else can teach you about it. You could not find it anywhere else.

Please support me become the President of the United States in 2024, together we can build a kingdom of good on the Earth.

Your gift today will bring the happiness and the good future for you and your family. So please I need your help now to make this country safety and happy again.

Your donation of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, etc., will really help me take a steady step into this political fields.

Please remember that If you support me and give me money now, I will be indebted to you and I will repay you in Heaven or in the next life, or if I become President, if you need anything please don't hesitate to write me a letter directly.

If you want to send me the check directly, please send to:

Merry Mercy

1753 Fern Street

Honolulu, Hi 96826

Email: [email protected]