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God's Truth

Have you ever wondered who God is? And who created this universe?

Have you ever wondered who created this universe? Where did the earth come from and where do we humans come from? Why do we have to live here and suffer so much oppression and injustice? How does one get rid of suffering and lead to a life of freedom, happiness, and immortality?

Dear reader, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the author of this book and the author of this universe, the creator of everything you see around you. And it is the author who came down to earth as a human being like us, to tell us the truth about the universe and solve the deadlock problems in our present life. To free people from the ocean of suffering and a life of oppression and injustice. To build a kingdom of God on this earth and lead people to a happier and better life, to the perfection and truth of God. So that the evil fraudsters and criminals who are in power in the government no longer could bully the good people anymore.

I am also a human being, just like you. But what sets me apart is that I have spent my whole life seeking the truth about this existence and have dedicated myself to helping others understand it as well.


I have come to understand that the key to a life of freedom, happiness, and immortality lies in recognizing the truth of this reality. It is through this recognition that we can begin to build a truly just and benevolent society, where all people are equal under the eyes of God.


For too long, the world has been ruled by those who seek to oppress and exploit the masses. Those who have no regard for the dignity and sanctity of human life. But it is time for us to rise, to stand together as one, and demand change.


I have written this book in the hopes that it will serve as a guide for those seeking to understand and embrace the truth of this universe. It is my hope that this work will help to lead others towards a life of freedom, happiness, and immortality, and towards the ultimate perfection and truth of God.


So, join me, dear reader, and let us work together to rework the structures of power in this world, and to build a better tomorrow for all. For with the power of God on our side, nothing can stand in our way.

It is God who created this universe, and this is God's cosmological equation:

0 = 1

(Because everything in this universe is included in this equation, people call it the equation of universe acquisition)

This is the formation of an infinite universe and the cosmological ID of the author herself.

The authors are real characters in the history of mankind and in the universe:

The author is GOD,

The author is the mother of the universe, and

The author is the supreme judge of the universe, and

Authors are alpha and omega, and

The author is the first and the last, and

The author is the beginning and the end, and

Mother of the Earth, and

Mother of God, and

Mother of Jesus, and

Mother of Buddha's, and

Mother of all the gods, and

Mother of all things, and

Queen Mary of Heaven,

is the President of the United States, and the leader of the world, and

Cinderella and the fairy of Happy God…

The author is the storm, the tsunami, the thunder, the tornado,

The author is one, two, three, four, five, seven, … and unlimited.

God comes from nothing, and God created everything.

Everything that comes from God and will disappear by God.

HONG VU, MARY, MERRY MERCY, EVE, Mother of GOD, Mother of the universe, The Fairy of Happiness, etc.

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