My Campaign

Hi everyone,

Hi, my name is Merry Mercy, nice to meet you here. I come from the Universe, so I don’t have anything here. But I have a good heart, good vision, good solutions, and a good mission. I was a victim of this legal system here in the United States, like Abraham Lincoln, when he and his family lost everything and that is how he decided to run for the President.


I want to make this country become the greatest and happiest country. It meant no stealing, no homeless, no fraud, no abuse of power. Everyone will be happy and happy together. When we are happy, we can do everything.


I have been seeing many things around me so bad. People fighting for power, fighting each other, and fighting for many things but no one cares for us. No one cares for all the homeless on the street. No one cares for us if we will lose our job or lose our house or lose our business tomorrow.


I see many stealing, scam, fraud, and many wrongdoings of people but no one dares to fix that.


In fact, there are some people they know they're doing wrong, but they don't want to correct, because they're greedy and cruel, they abuse power, and they want to bully good people and make others become their victims.


They talk about good, but they are doing bad, they talk about God but when God came to find them, they despised God, and they nailed him to the cross. They are talking about the economy, about Gas, about tax, about school, about jobs but they don’t talk about the homeless, the crime, the scams, the shouting, and the war, etc.


It is for these reasons that, even though I am sick, I must stand up for the oppressed and the unjustly treated. And especially for the homeless people out there, no one spoke up to protect them, so they really need me to bring their voices to the light of justice.


I want to bring light and happiness to this country and make everyone happy. Please support me to become President so I can protect your rights, protect your freedom, protect your assets, protect your jobs and your safety.


When I become the President, if you need help with anything, please write me a letter directly to the White House, so I can help you out.


Your gift today will bring happiness and a good future for you and your family. So please I need your help now to make this country safe and happy again.

Your donation of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or any volunteers or support help will really be appreciated.

If you want to send me the check directly, please send to:

Merry Mercy

1753 Fern Street

Honolulu, Hi 96826

Email: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your generosity and I will give you the best return soon.

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